laying the foundations

For our first week of development, we started by laying the foundations. We spent most of our week working collaboratively on defining any parts of the game that we still considered to be loose ends. We looked at our character, level design and art/sound direction and came to a collective conclusion no what we will be including in our final product. At the start of the week, we created a 16-week plan to layout the development time we have left and what we will be using it for.





Here we have a gallery of sprites made by Will that demonstrate how we will display the emotions of our characters during the game. These depict the character Cupid, a pure and gentle character who helps guide the player through the game.

On Saturday of this week, we conducted our first play test, we used an early prototype of our game to gain feedback on our art and narrative direction. This was valuable in addressing some key areas to work on going forward. Equipped with a greater understanding of what the players want to see out of a game like ours, we can look further into developing our UI design and complete work on making the game more presentable. The play test was also affirming to know that our narrative and art direction were highlights of people's feedback, this gives us the confidence that we're on the right track with these key aspects of our game.

Thanks from the NEW CUBED team!