Example of a common bark in Skyrim

Something we have been lacking in recently has been the music and sound. Something we want to incorporate are voice acted barks. Barks are short phrases and noises such as sighs, grunts, and other expressions. We want to include them rather than fully voice acting characters because otherwise it would take too long, as there is so much dialogue. Following this we have got some exterior people to lend us their voices, more details to come!

We also want to accompany the game with its own soundtrack. We want a jazzy inspired upbeat track that we can put on loop and won't get insanely annoying to listen to 100 times over. We are happy to share this with you, we immediately fell in love with the track.

We are continuing to work on the sound and SFXs, we have a lot more planned, and we continue to look forward to sharing our vision with you all!

Thanks from the NEWCUBED team!