Character development

Prior to this week, we knew we wanted to use this time to really focus in on our characters, now that we had a definite cast, it was time to flesh out our ideas and create a diverse and interesting set of characters for our players to enjoy. It was safe to say that we were all excited to get started on this aspect of Mythical Matchmaker. For this, we created a spreadsheet containing all of our characters' information and have started creating more detailed art for each cast member. And while all of this character work goes on, development of our prototype and back-end tasks continue to occupy our time.

Creating the character profiles for our cast members has been incredibly fun and here we have some art and information on one of our cast members; Cthulhu!

Name: Cthulhu

Pronouns: They / ℸ ̣ ⍑ᒷ ↸ᔑ∷ꖌ 𝙹リᒷ 

Age: ~15,000,000,000 yr.

Gender: Non-Binary

Sexuality: Queer

Star Sign: Pisces

Description: Cthulhu is a creature as old as time itself and have seen countless civilisations come and go, they have very little bearing on the modern world, this has caused them to be closed off and edgy.

Interesting Info: Oldest ever Emo

We look forward to creating more of our characters and sharing their designs with you, for more character reveals and updates on the game checkout our socials linked below and stay tuned to our weekly devlog.

Thanks from the NEWCUBED team!