Gameplay mechanics

This week, we spent a lot of time discussing amongst ourselves the best way to implement a number of mechanics we had previously discussed adding to the game. Our idea is to add a "skill check-esque" minigame after a player has to make a choice. This not only keeps the player on their toes, but they also won't get bombarded with dialogue, and it gives an opportunity to recover if they chose a bad prompt. Another big reason to add these mechanics is to stray away from the norm, making our game stand out from the dating genre.

We decided on 6 minigames, these include; Sequence, Simon Says, Dot to Dot, Timing Bar, Fishing, and Clicky Clicky. Each 'skill check' ranges in difficulty and will have room for difficulties to be tweaked in the future if needed. When researching these, we looked into a number of games with similar ideas, our main concern being not breaking the immersion, being challenging enough so that the player can lose, and having clear win and lose states. Below are our initial concepts for these skill checks.

Sequence: A series of inputs appear in a sequence that the player must input within a certain amount of time and in a certain order.

Simon Says: Similar to sequence, however the prompts appear one after the other rather than at the same time.

Dot to Dot: A set of different coloured points appear, you must connect the pairs within the time limit.

Timing Bar: A bar with a line moving across it and a coloured area, the player must click when the line is in the coloured area.

Fishing: A vertical bar with a line at the bottom and a coloured area that moves, the line is elevated by the click of a button and must stay within the coloured area.

Clicky Clicky: A number of objects appear on screen, the player must click on all of them within a certain amount of time.

Sequence minigame from the Helldivers games

Wires minigame from Among Us

Fishing minigame from Stardew valley

Skill check from Dead by Daylight

We will continue to refine these mechanics and make sure they mesh well with the game, stay tuned for the many updates to come, we look forward to sharing more with you.

Thanks from the NEWCUBED team!