Over the last few weeks, a lot of our work has been going towards fleshing out mechanics and additions to add to the game before implementing them. This is to make sure they mesh well with everything and no stone is left unturned to reduce possible issues down the line. This week a lot of our time has been spent on the implementation of these additions into the current prototype build.

Current build snapshot

Prototype of the Clicky Clicky minigame

The main additions to the game are all based around RIZZ points, the main scoring system used in the game. These include adding weighted questions that reward the player with points based off the chosen option, adding a visible score display titled the "Rizz-o-meter", and one of the minigames we mentioned developing last week, "Clicky Clicky".

We are now heading into the 5th week of development which means we are nearing the halfway point of the project, a lot of what we are planning next is based around user feedback to help smoothen some final kinks. We hope you are as excited as we are with the progress made thus far, and we can't wait to show even more as we continue to develop our ideas.

Thanks from the NEWCUBED team!