Funding and Advertising

Over the last week, we have been looking at how we are going to advertise our game, and most importantly how we are going to fund it. Both of these issues go hand in hand, and pose a problem to a lot of Indie Developers, as funding can be one of the most difficult parts of an indie Dev's journey. As for us, we have decided to use crowdfunding to help fund our project, we have looked into the multiple available options such as Kickstarter, Go Fund Me, and many more, and at this current time we are in review, so hopefully more good news in the future.

Alongside how we aim to get the money, it's also important to know how we will spend it. At the moment, we are looking into using the money to help advertise our game with google ads, documentary and trailer videos. We also recently updated our Itch page so people can play the current prototype of the game on their own computers, we hope that by getting funding we can continue to share the game like this.

We are also looking into using some social media managers to lighten the load of having to keep up to date with our social media pages, and whilst there are free options, the paid ones offer far better services to us. We hope that this insight into how we aim to fund the game is useful, and we hope you stick around for the release!

Thanks from the NEWCUBED team!