HAving a break

As important as working on the game has been, at NEW Cubed we don't believe in crunch culture, so we wanted to dedicate this week to talking about crunching, why it's bad, and sharing what we have been up to on our week off!

Nathan caught up with his brother

Bone Daddy having a day off

Crunch culture is a practice commonly found in the game design industry. When broken down, crunch can be explained as mandatory overtime. Unfortunately it is common for game developers to have work weeks of 70-80 hours, which have massive negative effects on mental health. The games industry does this to save money, as the extended work week developers are forced to work is often undercompensated. Practicing crunch culture breaks many labour laws, however, awareness of this illegal practice is increasing, and companies are starting to come under fire due to this practice.

Its important for people to be aware of the issues associated with the games industry, as it is practices like crunch that weigh the rest of the industry down. We hope you all had a great Easter, and we look forward to resuming work on mythical matchmaker!

Thanks from the NEWCUBED team!