The team


Eli Tucker

Eli is our narrative designer, level designer and music producer. The many stories, characters and worlds he has written are a culmination of his dry wit, attention to detail and passion for writing.

His affinity for music composition comes from his talent in drumming, in which he has played proficiently in such places as The Royal Albert Hall.

Outside of games design, Eli is an incredibly dedicated cyclist, dedication that spans all his skills and hobbies.

Nathan mclaren donovan

Nathan is our programmer, UI designer, and does lots of back-end work. The characters and stories we make wouldn't come to life without the lines of code he writes.

His organisation and enthusiasm is something that is present in both his code and attitude. He often leads open discussions, always looking for the best compromise whilst making sure everyone has a voice.

Nathan loves socialising, commonly seen with a beer in one hand and a friend in the other, and he's always up to no good.

William crabb

Will is our artist, animator and UX designer. He brings characters and worlds to life using his many years of experience in drawing and character design. His art is heavily stylised, making all his work recognisable against the status quo.

He translates his skills as an artist into many forms, creating assets for characters, HUDs, animations, and much more. He has time and time again proved to be a meaningful and valued member of our team.

Will spending lots of his free time drawing and is starting to get into streaming. On top of all this he is very involved in many online communities which is a testament to his welcoming and bubbly character.