Mythical mathcmaker


Mythical Match-Maker is a relationship comedy game about teaching mythical figures how to love 


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Mythical Matchmaker is a match-making relationships comedy game about teaching mythical figures how to love again after the modern world has unbalanced the scales of love and lust. The game has a dry, on-the-nose comedy with lots of innuendo, this will allow us to entertain and amuse the player while they explore a more serious message regarding the affects of social media, sexuality, and mental health.


Selling points

Defining a new genre

Distancing from dating sims, mythical matchmaker defines its own genre as a "matchmaking" game.

Unique rememberable cast

Mixing familiar and unexplored characters to create a rememberable cast such as; Santa, Medusa, Eshu and Beezlebub.

Engaging skill-based gameplay

Creating engaging gameplay using mechanics that requires the player to remain astute and remember key details.